#imstaying too

Recently I’ve seen a lot of posts with the #imstaying in my feed. Some friends even invited me to join the Facebook group created for South Africans to share positive stories and their reasons for ‘staying’ – knowing perfectly well that I’ve lived in four other countries since 2012. Perhaps they knew I’d love reading […]

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The Two Sides of a Door

About two weeks after my brother’s funeral I was on the phone with my mom.  She said I’d never guess who were their first visitors after everyone heard the news. The moment she mentioned their names I knew not only who they were, but what their presence meant.  They understood what we all, and especially […]

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Back to Basics – Journey Update

Back to Basics - Update ... Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

At the beginning of 2018 I set out on a journey to ‘go back to basics‘. This journey was mostly inspired by the words of a friend who said, ”If only Christians could get the basics right, the world would be a different place.” Combined with feeling overwhelmed in other areas of my life. I […]

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Surprised by Anger

Surprised by #anger .. emotions, motherhood, #thestruggleisreal

It was probably years in the making. Like lava bubbling in deep layers underneath the surface. Slowly filling the cracks….. a build-up of unmet expectations, resentment, and frustrations. Feelings suppressed, partly fueled by a strong desire to please and  (ironically enough) to “keep the peace”. Unlike the culture I currently find myself in, my experience […]

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