Baptism – 39 reasons to have hope

39 Reasons to have hope

Where I come from, baptism is a very controversial subject.

Most of us were baptized as infants and to question this would be going against our culture.

From where I’ve been, I can simply testify that the controversy in my own heart was resolved by the Word of God. And the decision to follow Jesus in baptism became a life-changing act of faith.

From where I’m standing, baptism is a precious sight.

  • I see former Buddhists die to themselves only to be raised again in Christ.
  • I am watching new believers take another step of obedience on their journey in following Jesus.

Instead of trying to describe this emotional event in words, I would like to share a recent video clip of a baptismal celebration in Bangkok.  I know that the joy of those choosing to follow Jesus in baptism that day will touch your heart and give you at least 39 more reasons to have hope.


As you watch that 84-year-old Thai great-grandmother, waving like she’s the Queen of England, stepping confidently down the steps into a make-shift tank of water, I trust that you will likewise be convinced that it is never too late for you to be baptized.

It’s not too late to find true repentance.

True repentance comes forth from a sorrow and conviction of the heart. It requires more than mere lip-service.  Man looks at the outward appearance, but God is looking at the heart.

God is simply waiting for you to give your heart to Him in love and obedience. And as you accept the simple truth that God loves you (not because of who you are or whether you “make the cut”, but because of who He is), you begin your journey of faith, trusting in His love for you.   He rolls away the weight and burden of sin and gives freedom to follow Him and, thereby, power to stay free. 

Many unbiblical teachings have entered the church and found roots in false doctrines of men. For example, ‘infant baptism” is found nowhere in the Word of God.  Following Jesus requires a personal choice which an infant cannot yet make.  We have been given a simple commandment to follow Christ because He is the way, the truth, and the life.  So, how can we find self-justification in following false doctrines, philosophies, and/or religions that lead us in any other direction? It’s not too late to be baptized according to the Word of God and His example.  Follow Him and you will find life in Him.

If your parents dedicated your life to God when you were a baby, or brought you to the Lord for “infant baptism”, you are far more fortunate than the millions of residents in the city I’m currently living in. There is no reason to be ashamed – or surprised – if you actually grow up and choose to follow Jesus… Just like Paul and the disciples did in the Book of Acts.

We are not too old or too young to start working out our salvation with fear and trembling.

We need to accept the simple Word of God and the life of Jesus as our perfect example.  By doing so, we trade our worthless opinions for the Truth and the gift of the Holy Spirit. Enabling us to share the hope that lives within us with those who are still in darkness and despair.

We need to carry the good news that Jesus is the way of salvation to the millions who still have not yet heard of His love and forgiveness.

We will never get the right answers about baptism if we keep asking the wrong questions.

The controversy is nothing but a distraction and diversion from the simple truth of God’s Word, resulting in dividing, rather than uniting, churches, keeping them more fixated on denominational differences than on that common love of God that unites and strengthens the body of Christ in power to bring Christ to the nations.

What are you waiting for?

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  1. Amen!!! The Holy Spirit spoke so loudly to my heart that I couldn’t stick to tradition and religion and I was also baptized in 2008. My own parents were baptized soon after and this year my inlaws were also baptized!! What a wonderful testimony they had. God blesses obedience. The TRUTH will set you free!!

    1. Hi Nicke,

      It is wonderful to hear the testimony about your parents and inlaws. If it doesn’t set you free – it’s not the truth 😉
      Keep on walking in the Spirit and may your obedience be blessed.

  2. This is soooo awesome and also something that the Lord has brought to my attention and placed on my heart the last few weeks! IT IS NEVER TO LATE 🙂
    I am privileged that I have been baptised in 2011 in the lovely cold sea of Namibia – being in a blessed position to have walked the road with the Lord since the age of 11, I thought it might have been enough – but the Lord changed my life and being baptised just blessed the journey more and more 🙂 GLORY TO GOD!!!

    1. It is never too late – and never too soon. I’m glad you are also on this journey 😉 and may God bless you more and more as you walk with Him.

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