Pregnancy & Faith

It is mind-boggling to consider that we all began life as tiny microscopic packages of DNA, invisible to the naked eye.  Such small, seemingly insignificant beginnings have miraculously brought forth some amazing creatures like you and me.  A small seed has tremendous potential to grow into so much more in the same way that faith can bring that which is unseen or non-existent into visible reality. 

 That brings us to the heart of this article, namely:

 The parallels between pregnancy and faith:

 #1 You cannot see it, but you know it’s there.

 I’ve only been pregnant for about three months and, though I cannot see my unborn child, I am fully persuaded that there is an amazing creation in progress within me.  The signs and symptoms are there that new life is forming.  I anxiously await that which my eyes cannot see at present, while waiting on God to complete His perfect work in me. This is faith…that that which is not visible in the present will ultimately become a visible reality.

 For FAITH is “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  This is the essence of faith:  you have to believe and hope that something you cannot see yet will be manifested in the fullness of time.

 # 2 It will change your life.

 Whether it’s giving birth or being reborn in Christ, a new life doesn’t come forth without change: “Old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”  Some changes might be externally visible while many others are occurring internally.  You can feel the changes, but you can’t always see what’s happening.  Some changes might be hard to endure when our flesh resists the adjustments to something new within; but the changes will certainly bring forth something good, something better, if we don’t resist them and remember what we will receive at the end of the journey, whether it is a 9-month or 5 –year journey we are facing.  And, with every change that occurs, there is growth.  It is often said that change is a natural part of life; and if there is no change, there is no life.

 #3 And you will grow.

 A woman will grow in ways she cannot even comprehend during pregnancy.  As she looks in the mirror, reality sets in.  Likewise, as we grow up in Christ, we can look into the mirror of the Word of God to see who we are and who we can become through Christ.  Only time will reveal the changes that we allow the Holy Ghost to make in our lives. 

 #4 Growing pains

 Pain is also a part of this package.  “I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children…” There is pain, discomfort, and tears associated with pregnancy and childbirth. We also endure pain and sorrow resulting from sin in the world we live in. It is part of the curse that made the blessing of our Saviour so much greater and His grace the most undeserved reward. We will experience pain and sorrow, but through the pain and the tears there will always be hope. In time, our wounds will be healed and our scars will only be there to remind us of God’s abiding presence and power to turn ALL things into good for those who love Him and keep His commandments.    

 #5 You will be stretched.

 And you will probably have stretch marks to prove it!  Stretch marks on your body and stretch marks on your soul!  Love can stretch your heart to reach out to those halfway around the world, in the same way that a tiny human being growing within a mother’s womb will stretch her skin to its limits.  Our skin might have its limits, but our faith doesn’t. We serve a limitless God and there will always be room for our faith to grow.     

 #6 It’s not only about you anymore…

 When I learned that I was pregnant, I started to think twice about what I put into my mouth.  If I want my baby to be healthy, it is essential that I take care of myself, too. Now I am constantly reminded of my own selfish desires and ‘cravings’. In the same way we all need to carefully consider what we’re putting into our minds and hearts to nourish and nurture our faith.  As followers of Christ, walking in faith, we need to resist the “junk food” of this world and all of its empty attractions.

 #7 And then we ask ourselves: “What if?”

What if something goes wrong in the pregnancy?  What if you have a miscarriage? Or lose your faith? And the enemy whispers a million other “what if” questions that can foster doubt and fear to drive you insane …if you allow it.

Doubt and fear will always be the enemy’s 2 most powerful weapons.  If we receive his words, he could steal our joy, then our strength, and he knows very well what he is doing.

What if we allowed perfect love to drive out all fear instead?  If we decided to trust God above everything else?  What if we could trust that even if something ‘goes wrong’ in the eyes of this world, He still holds everything in the palm of His hand and it will work together for good for those who love Him?

# 8 We will make mistakes; and it’s okay.

Imperfection is part of our progress. You cannot be pregnant and have a perfect figure at the same time. Sometimes you have to learn to let go and admit, and accept, your own imperfections.  In life, it’s hard to forgive yourself for your own mistakes.  Sometimes the only way to breathe again is to first drown in grace.

 #9 It will teach us how to pray.

If you realize you’re not in control anymore, it becomes easier to pray.  And I have a feeling that, more than anything else, being a parent will teach me more about how to pray.  Prayer is the oxygen that our faith needs to grow, and I’m pretty sure that much of the growth in my own life is the result of my own mother’s prayers.    

#10 Because we are not alone…

We often feel like we are going through this alone and it is a lie. Pregnancy connects us with billions of woman through the ages and beyond borders, culture and skin color just like faith connects us with believers all over the world—with other people going through the same struggles, facing the same obstacles, and experiencing the same joys.  We are not alone, and if we feel alone, it’s simply because we are not reaching out to others. 

THEREFORE, today, I would like to reach out my hand in love by sharing this with you.  It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are or what you are going through, you are not alone!

PS! I wrote this post years ago, but I guess it’s where the idea of my new book A story of pregnancy and Faith was born. If you are pregnant at the moment I’m sure you will enjoy reading it 😉

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