The Reason Why We Are Here

Every life is precious and planned
Skillfully knit together by the Masters hand.
Deep inside of wombs where no eyes could see
He created you and me.


I know our purpose doesn’t always seem clear
But there is a reason why we are here,
Why our hearts are still beating,
And there will always be hope as long as we’re breathing.


Because love will keep us alive
Far beyond this life
Through the love of the One
Who gave His only Son.


The One who forgave,
So that we can forgive,
The One who gave us faith,
So that we could believe.


It was never up to us,
And it will never be,
Because nothing we can do
Will truly set us free.


We can rest in the cross
And trust that He will complete
The good work He began in us
As we become His hands and feet.


We might have a long way “to go”
And we’re not promised “no sorrow”,

Only true love, that will drive out fear

Until that day when it will all be clear.


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