The Blessing of Obedience

There will always be a longing of the soul

For something more, for something whole.

And in an attempt to satisfy

We have to ask the question “why?”


Why are we here?

Why now?

What are we supposed to do?

And how?


Will obeying two commandments be enough?

To simply love…

The One true God with all we’ve got

And our neighbours a little bit more than a lot.


Even if it’s hard

To fight this battle of the heart

Where selfishness wants to reign

And compassion feels like pain.


Because to truly care

Is to get out there;

To love the lonely and the lost

No matter what the cost!


Religion in its purest form

Is so far from the norm.

To serve the orphan and the slave

Such a different kind of brave.


We may be filled with good intentions

However, faith without obedience

Is an unfinished sentence…


Love without deed

So incomplete!


And yet it’s worth the sacrifice,

Because God already paid the price

He loved as first and set us free

To shine His light for them to see;


That there is only one way

And we have a simple choice to make each day

To say ‘yes’ or ‘no’

To stay or go.


The blessing of obedience

Is a gift in itself

As we become less and He becomes more

And our lives make more sense than ever before.

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