Holding The Future in Your Hands

It doesn’t matter what the future holds

It matters what we’re holding.

Right here, right now in the palms of our hands

Where the true story is unfolding.


And as I’m looking down on

This babe with his sweet little face,

Trying to make sense of

Our Father’s endless grace


I realize that in order to “hold”

We sometimes have to “let go”

Of things we used to love

And what we think we know.


Because it’s impossible

for us to hold it all

Without letting it slip,

Without letting it fall.


And what we choose to hold on to today

Will have an effect on tomorrow.

Be it faith, love, joy

Or pride, hate, and sorrow.


Will we choose to carry the weight

Of hard words spoken in the past,

To keep on wasting our money and time

On “things” that will never last?


Or will we choose to hold on to hope

To forgive and forget.

To invest our time and energy

On eternal “things” instead?


Because we’re always choosing

To hold on to one thing or another

And our grips will always give us away,

Regardless of what we may say.


It doesn’t matter what the future holds,

It matters what we’re holding.

What do you have in your hands right now?

How is your story unfolding?

Image Credit: Unsplash

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