Remember the Cross – A poem

Remember the Cross - A poem

Remember the cross


Take note dear heart

So quick to forget

The promises fulfilled

The words He said


Remember the cross

Remember the cost

The price that was paid

To save the lost


Remember ‘the lost’

Included you

And His love does not depend

On anything you do


Remember to pay forward

This never-ending grace

As you learn to walk in love

At an unhurried pace


Remember all He has

Is already yours

No need to compare

– Or pretend –

To compete for attention

With brother or friend


Remember the wine,

The fish, the bread,

Always more than enough

There is no shortage in Him

He is love


Remember how He

Always came through

For all of His people

And also for you


Remember to choose

The best part

To give Him your time

And all of your heart


Remember it is worth all

This Kingdom pearl

To lay down your life

And do His will


Take note dear heart

So quick to forget

Remember the prophesies fulfilled

When Jesus was raised from the dead


Linking up over at Velvet Ashes again: this week’s prompt in the light of Easter is “remember.”

Image Credit: Brook Lark (from Unsplash)

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