The Art of Gratitude

We tend to get stuck
in the middle of our situations,
our problems, shortcomings
and frustrations..
When we’re angry,
feel confused,
our hearts broken,
our bodies bruised.
It’s often hard to see,
even one reason to be:
instead of hateful.
To feel grateful
instead of stressed,
lonely, discouraged
or depressed.
Being grateful is an art,
mastered by few,
and yet it is so simple
if we only knew:
It’s not always a feeling,
it’s a choice to see;
what lies hidden behind the surface
of ‘ordinary’.
The tired eyes.
the messy house,
the crying baby
and imperfect spouse
Eyes able to see,
a place to stay,
someone to love,
a thousand reasons to pray
Comparison is the enemy
of learning this art.
Longing to live someone else’s life –
potent poison to a grateful heart.
From gratitude
contentment flows,
relationships flourish
and faith grows
One thank you at a time
can slowly help us see;
it is never too late for
an ordinary life
to be extraordinary!

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