Dear Little Boy

My dear little boy


I sit here watching you sleep,

Thinking of all the memories

I would like to keep.


You’re growing up way too fast

And I cannot help but wonder

If there’s a way to make it last.


These little years:

Measured in messy moments

Barrels of laughter

And plenty of tears


I’m trying to take it all in

At the same time

Not even sure

Where to begin


To count all the blessings

And moments of joy

Since you came into my life

As a little baby boy.


I try to memorize the lines on your face,

Changing a little every day

A physical reminder of

How time seems to be slipping away.


I never want to forget:


The way you giggle when I tickle your toes

Or how cute you look

when you wrinkle your nose.


How much you like to sing

And somehow feel obligated

to point out everything.


Your words growing into sentences

As you figure out what to say

Making sense of life in your own little way.


I love when you bring me flowers,

Watching you run from tree to tree,

And all the little gestures, saying:

“Mommy come and play with me”.


I’m gradually learning the way to hold on

is by not getting too busy

with all that “needs to be done”,

to simply enjoy the moments.


Because tomorrow the washing

will still be here

and the dishes won’t magically



But these little years,

Of walking hand in hand,

Are fading almost quicker

Than pictures in wet sand.


So I’m stealing one more kiss,

And whisper one more “I love you”

Thanking God for His great gift of love,

wrapped up a suit of blue.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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  1. hello Dorette,
    wonderful poem of your little boy – an everlasting gift.
    thank you for sharing.
    you are amazing – miss you.
    lotsa luv and blessings to you and your family.
    ps.I have subscribed to receive your posts via my email….don’t want to miss any.

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