Our Only Hope

The rain is falling heavily outside… And somehow it feels like it is God’s way of crying with us – His tears falling from the sky.

During the three bitter-sweet weeks my parents came to visit, my grandmother also passed away. Adding to our grief… another loved one lost.

One of the greatest legends, who ever lived, left her legacy.

I still have no words and some days I’m honestly questioning God’s timing; I find myself asking the age-old questions “Why?” and “Why now?”

Only to find peace in knowing that His time is not our time, but our time is always in His hands.

I look at my little one and newborn in my parents’ arms as we find joy in the midst of grief, comfort in the hardest days. I see how much my parents have grown in their faith, and I know there is only One reason why we are all still standing.

What do you hold on to if the only hope you have is that tomorrow may be better… Or if you make enough merit, perhaps your next life?

How do you cope if you do not know the feeling of unexplainable peace only God can give, as we learn to trust Him even when we do not understand?

We spent a few days at the beach and my mom loves collecting shells. Staring at one more perfectly formed shape, I realized it was such a beautiful reminder, left behind by something as small as a sea creature…

How much more beautiful is the memories we are left with? The reminders all around us, and the stories interwoven with ours, forming unique prints left in our hearts…

We may feel emptier, but our lives will always be fuller because we have loved deeply.

We should live from a place of knowing that today may be our last. There is no guarantee that we will see each other again when we say goodbye. Life is too short not to forgive, to hold on to grudges and postpone saying the words we will regret being left unsaid.

One day the memories we made will be all that is left of us as well. Unique prints left in the heart of those we love. Let’s not waste a moment. Let’s make our moments count.

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