Dear Reader – The story behind the story

A peek behind the scenes of: “A story of pregnancy and Faith: In Hope of What we Cannot see.

Dear reader

A little over a year ago I became pregnant for the second time. And while a baby was being shaped in my womb, an idea started to take shape in my mind.

To write a story of pregnancy and faith.

I desired to share what I learned on this special journey, in the only way I know how… By telling the truth about what really happened. Where no one could see and no one knew about the struggles behind closed doors in a land far away.

It ended up being two stories. “Same same, but different” as the locals would say. One I knew too well, and the other played out as I poured out my heart on a white screen. During nap times and early morning hours.

As I grew, the words also added up, and by the time I gave birth I had a baby and a first draft of a manuscript. Little did I know how much they would have in common…

How much I still had left to learn..

No two stories in pregnancy and faith will ever be the same. And I bet you have a few stories of your own to share. That is why I did not want to write another “how to” book, 40 week devotional, or what to expect when you’re expecting.

I hope it will be a “me too” book, instead.

Our stories may be different, but our struggles are often similar. Not only in pregnancy and faith, but marriage, relationships, and trying to figure out purpose in the middle of what may feel mundane. As we’re looking for ways to share the good news while we’re still learning to believe for ourselves. I like to think this book is not only for pregnant women, but that any woman on a faith journey would be able to relate with how we grow and learn along the way.

It’s a bit scary to put yourself out there, and as I send this little baby out into the world, I want to invite you to come alongside me on this new journey.

I hope that my words will have a soft place to land and that it you will not only read my story, but embrace yours.

Knowing that you are not alone (in so many ways) and I’m cheering you on. On this journey of growing in life and faith.



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