31 Days of Prayer – An invitation

In October many writers take part in a challenge called “write 31 days”. This is something I’ve always been interested in doing, but never got around to. To pick one topic and write a post on that topic every day in October

As awesome as it sounds, I know it would not be the wisest thing to commit to at this stage. Too much happened the last couple of months and I’m in the thick of processing it all. After launching my book and not having such a big project (read distraction) to focus on anymore, reality hit me hard.

I believe it’s good to be authentic and vulnerable, but some wounds are too raw to expose to the public in the way blogging does. If a wounded soldier has any hope of returning to the battlefield, he has to heal first. Go for therapy. Ask for help.

I’ve decided I’m not going to blog for 31 days.

Of course I will write, writing is part of my healing process and I believe sharing what we learn along the way can always be helpful to others. I think the idea of choosing a topic and writing on that topic every day would be a great discipline. So instead of blogging I’m going to write a series of short newsletters on prayer. I chose prayer as my topic because I know prayer is what’s holding me together right now. The prayers being prayed for me. The prayers I can pray when I struggle to sleep at night, and especially the ability to pray for others.

Nothing gives us better perspective on the size of our problems (and the size of our God in comparison) than praying for the world. I believe at this stage of life, being mostly at home with two little boys and a sick husband… It’s not only the best thing I can do, I honestly don’t feel up to doing much more than that.

This is an invitation to go on a prayer journey with me in October. From finding ways to organise our prayer life, to sharing lessons we learn and resources we find helpful along the way. I’m saying ‘we’, because I’m hoping it will not be a one-sided conversation. I could use your insight, I need your prayers and I want to know how I can pray for you as well.

If you would like to receive  my newsletter series.  the summarised version of my newsletter series and other prayer resources, you can sign up for my monthly praises and prayer requests e-mail to the right.

The rest of you I’ll see in November 😉

God bless!

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