Making Friends & Learning to Share our ‘Toys’

I received a sweet gift for 2018 in the form of a new friend.

In many ways she is an answer to prayer. The last couple of years I did not have many real life female friends who lived close by.

I have a few local friends, but most of them are not moms, Christians or able to speak English very well – if at all. So when I met my new friend and her adorable two-year old boy, I knew it was a God sent. 

In this season we don’t have the luxury of getting to know each other over cups of coffee and uninterrupted conversations. Only in the midst of dirty diapers, laundry bins and floors covered in Lego pieces.

I like how it doesn’t leave a lot of room for being pretentious.

Life is too short for unrealistic expectations.

I know my limitations and that half of our energy will be invested in keeping the little ones from breaking each other’s toys or accidentally hurting each other. I also know that it will be worth it. Not only for us, but for all the important lessons our boys still have to learn.

Anyone who ever watched a three-year old learning to share his favourite toy knows that tiny humans are certainly not born with all the qualities of a good friend.

They need A LOT of guidance and correction; to practice kindness, honesty and selflessness.

They need to learn how to share…

And so do we!

I can’t help but be amazed at God’s patience with us when it comes to our relationships with other people. He knows our hearts and thoughts. How selfish we really are. Not to mention how often we break the tenth commandment.

He knows how quick we are to complain or compare, and all the ways we act out when we don’t get what we want. But still He keeps on guiding, providing opportunities for us to practice the art of making (and becoming) true friends.

He brings us together, knowing that it makes us stronger, especially where we are gathered in His name.  

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20

There are few things in this life I treasure more than friendship and I am grateful for the way God keeps on using others to speak into my life. 

A big part of going back to basics for me is to keep on investing in relationships. I want to keep perspective of the bigger picture and remember what will matter most at the end of the day.

Friends are gifts from God we should never take for granted.

What lessons are you learning when it comes to friendship in this season of your life?

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  1. wat n voorreg om jou hartsgoedjies te geniet… mooi geskryf en jy laat my ver terugdink…..aan twee stout seuntjies en 3 soeter dogtertjies en n agterna Muis wat so saam gespeel en geleef en gegroei het….kosbare skatte in ons hemel…..

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