10 Life Lessons

10 Life lessons I'm #learning in this season of life

I have a memory of my 82-year-old grandmother scribbling notes on pieces of cardboard paper torn from the insides of cereal boxes. Perhaps she felt her memory fading and was attempting to remember something she heard on the radio or read in a book or maybe a new recipe she discovered or a unique crochet […]

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Back to Basics in 2018

Back to basics challenge 2018

I’ve been chewing on these words a wise friend said a couple of weeks ago: “If only Christians could get the basics right, the world would be a different place.” I’m still nodding. As I reflect on 2017 and see people ‘planning’ (as always) to be bigger, better and get more done in 2018. I […]

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When Being Grateful is Not Enough

Gratitude, thanksgiving

I used to believe that being grateful for what you have makes it enough. Now I know it’s not entirely true. By most people’s standards I would qualify as being a minimalist. My husband jokes that I’m the opposite of a hoarder and like to throw things away. After four international moves I know exactly […]

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Emotional Trigger Points

Trigger points

Trigger points – the diagnosis I recently started running again. It’s been a while and like any attempt to get fit, you have to battle through the resistance. So at first I tried to ignore the pain in my Achilles and hoped it would go away. My Physiotherapy skills are also a bit rusty after […]

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