When Being Grateful is Not Enough

Gratitude, thanksgiving

I used to believe that being grateful for what you have makes it enough. Now I know it’s not entirely true. By most people’s standards I would qualify as being a minimalist. My husband jokes that I’m the opposite of a hoarder and like to throw things away. After four international moves I know exactly […]

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Emotional Trigger Points

Trigger points

Trigger points – the diagnosis I recently started running again. It’s been a while and like any attempt to get fit, you have to battle through the resistance. So at first I tried to ignore the pain in my Achilles and hoped it would go away. My Physiotherapy skills are also a bit rusty after […]

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31 Days of Prayer – An invitation

In October many writers take part in a challenge called “write 31 days”. This is something I’ve always been interested in doing, but never got around to. To pick one topic and write a post on that topic every day in October As awesome as it sounds, I know it would not be the wisest thing […]

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Dear Reader – The story behind the story

A peek behind the scenes of: “A story of pregnancy and Faith: In Hope of What we Cannot see.“ Dear reader A little over a year ago I became pregnant for the second time. And while a baby was being shaped in my womb, an idea started to take shape in my mind. To write […]

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Connection: Life Lessons From a Toddler

Connection: Life Lessons from a Toddler In the afternoon, we like to go to a stadium near our house where there is big football field surrounded by a pavement for runners.  Right next to it is a playground for children and kind of “outdoor gym”.  Yesterday, there were only two other children there, a brother […]

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