Thirsty: Praying for rain

African sunset

Thirsty It was midsummer 2002 and day four of our week of survival in the bush. The sun burnt down on the African jungle, licking up the last drops left in surrounding waterholes. Our water bottles were practically empty as well, since we were rationed to just 1 litre of water each, as well as […]

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Routines: Rhythms and Rests

Routines: Rhythms and rests #back2basic2018

I’m not someone who like to follow a routine. I get bored easily with repetition and I can probably count on my one hand the movies I’ve seen more than once or the books I read twice. Most of my life I really liked change and the challenge that comes with learning something new, or trying […]

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Back to Basics in 2018

Back to basics challenge 2018

I’ve been chewing on these words a wise friend said a couple of weeks ago: “If only Christians could get the basics right, the world would be a different place.” I’m still nodding. As I reflect on 2017 and see people ‘planning’ (as always) to be bigger, better and get more done in 2018. I […]

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