10 Life Lessons

10 Life lessons I'm #learning in this season of life

I have a memory of my 82-year-old grandmother scribbling notes on pieces of cardboard paper torn from the insides of cereal boxes. Perhaps she felt her memory fading and was attempting to remember something she heard on the radio or read in a book or maybe a new recipe she discovered or a unique crochet […]

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Top Ten Non-fiction Christian Books

Top Ten List of Non-fiction Christian Books

Books have been my ‘constant companion’ for as long as I can remember. I can also honestly say that I prefer reading from actual pages as opposed to staring at a screen. A library card was usually one of the first things I got when I moved to a new place. Unfortunately I have not […]

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How the Word of God has Changed my Life

Since the day I made a decision to believe the Bible – and ALL of it – my life has changed forever. I did not want to hang on to half-truths anymore by picking and choosing only those verses I felt comfortable with because they made me feel good.  I was searching for the whole truth, […]

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New Year’s Revelations

What if we had New Year’s Revelations instead of New Year’s Resolutions? Most people set all kinds of resolutions for the New Year, hoping to change and improve their lot in life in some way or another. However, good intentions don’t always bring intended improvements and may even lead to frustration, disappointment with one’s self, […]

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