Routines: Rhythms and Rests

Routines: Rhythms and rests #back2basic2018

I’m not someone who like to follow a routine. I get bored easily with repetition and I can probably count on my one hand the movies I’ve seen more than once or the books I read twice. Most of my life I really liked change and the challenge that comes with learning something new, or trying […]

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When Being Grateful is Not Enough

Gratitude, thanksgiving

I used to believe that being grateful for what you have makes it enough. Now I know it’s not entirely true. By most people’s standards I would qualify as being a minimalist. My husband jokes that I’m the opposite of a hoarder and like to throw things away. After four international moves I know exactly […]

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Holding The Future in Your Hands

It doesn’t matter what the future holds It matters what we’re holding. Right here, right now in the palms of our hands Where the true story is unfolding. <> And as I’m looking down on This babe with his sweet little face, Trying to make sense of Our Father’s endless grace <> I realize that in order to […]

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Giving Birth in Thailand

Giving birth in Thailand

A few months ago, I wrote a letter of hope “To My Unborn Child,” not knowing what to expect when  “expecting” in a foreign country. In the midst of uncertainty, I came to the conclusion that faith does not need a back-up plan. Today, I would like to share a testimony of how it all […]

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