Thirsty: Praying for rain

African sunset

Thirsty It was midsummer 2002 and day four of our week of survival in the bush. The sun burnt down on the African jungle, licking up the last drops left in surrounding waterholes. Our water bottles were practically empty as well, since we were rationed to just 1 litre of water each, as well as […]

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Connection: Life Lessons From a Toddler

Connection: Life Lessons from a Toddler In the afternoon, we like to go to a stadium near our house where there is big football field surrounded by a pavement for runners.  Right next to it is a playground for children and kind of “outdoor gym”.  Yesterday, there were only two other children there, a brother […]

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The Watermelon Story

I woke up at 3 am to the sound of my toddler screaming, “Watermelon, watermelon”. At first, I thought maybe he was just having a bad dream; but a few minutes later, he was semi-awake and pretty insistent. He wanted watermelon. Of course, we did not have watermelon in the house. I had a feeling […]

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