Surprised by Anger

Surprised by #anger .. emotions, motherhood, #thestruggleisreal

It was probably years in the making. Like lava bubbling in deep layers underneath the surface. Slowly filling the cracks….. a build-up of unmet expectations, resentment, and frustrations. Feelings suppressed, partly fueled by a strong desire to please and  (ironically enough) to “keep the peace”. Unlike the culture I currently find myself in, my experience […]

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10 Life Lessons

10 Life lessons I'm #learning in this season of life

I have a memory of my 82-year-old grandmother scribbling notes on pieces of cardboard paper torn from the insides of cereal boxes. Perhaps she felt her memory fading and was attempting to remember something she heard on the radio or read in a book or maybe a new recipe she discovered or a unique crochet […]

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Thirsty: Praying for rain

African sunset

Thirsty It was midsummer 2002 and day four of our week of survival in the bush. The sun burnt down on the African jungle, licking up the last drops left in surrounding waterholes. Our water bottles were practically empty as well, since we were rationed to just 1 litre of water each, as well as […]

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