Top Ten Non-fiction Christian Books

Top Ten List of Non-fiction Christian Books

Books have been my ‘constant companion’ for as long as I can remember. I can also honestly say that I prefer reading from actual pages as opposed to staring at a screen. A library card was usually one of the first things I got when I moved to a new place. Unfortunately I have not […]

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Our Only Hope

The rain is falling heavily outside… And somehow it feels like it is God’s way of crying with us – His tears falling from the sky. During the three bitter-sweet weeks my parents came to visit, my grandmother also passed away. Adding to our grief… another loved one lost. One of the greatest legends, who […]

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I Have No Words

"I have no words," said a friend after hearing what happened to my brother...

“I have no words,” said a friend after hearing what happened to my brother.  After going missing for 3 months, we discovered that for the 3 months of his disappearance, he was actually gone forever. He had died, still waiting to be found by those who loved and missed him. His road trip through South […]

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Dear Little Boy

My dear little boy   I sit here watching you sleep, Thinking of all the memories I would like to keep. <> You’re growing up way too fast And I cannot help but wonder If there’s a way to make it last. <> These little years: Measured in messy moments Barrels of laughter And plenty […]

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