Hi, I'm Dorette! And I have a few confessions to share with you...

  1.  I am not really a reporter.

Not in the traditional sense. I did not study journalism or English literature (although I sometimes secretly wish I did). English is not even my first language 😉 I'm from South Africa and speak a wonderful language called Afrikaans. Everything I've learned about writing, I've learned from writing and a life-long love of books!

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  1.  I still feel like a hypocrite sometimes.  

After being a Christian for longer than I can remember, I still don't feel like I have it all figured out. My marriage is far from perfect and when it comes to practically living out what I believe in this stage of motherhood - I'm a 'work in progress' to say the least. But at least I have good hopes of being on my way in the right direction.

  1.  I'm a recovering people pleaser.

I was convicted that the truth will ultimately set us free and the best thing we can do for ourselves (and others) is to keep on speaking the truth in love!

  1.  I never run out of good intentions.

I moved halfway across the world with the same intention behind starting this blog - with the hope of 'sharing the Good News with the nations'. A mission I still believe in with all my heart! Along the way I simply discovered I also desperately needed it myself.

5.   This is probably my 42th attempt at writing this about page

It feels like writing out a 'selfie' and I don't even like taking one with a camera. Perhaps that is also why I was drawn to the idea of a reporter who is not the center of attention, but simply the one writing the story.

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Why reporter of hope?

I am naturally curious about many things, but I love nothing more than true stories filled with hope. I believe that even our greatest struggles can turn out to be the testimonies others need to give them hope. I think we all desire to be able to say 'me too', but not many are willing to go first. Writing  is my way of going first..

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Let's connect!

I know that I will always have more to learn than I have to teach and I would love nothing more than to hear your story! My favourite way to connect is through e-mail. I send out a personal newsletter once a month (you can sign up here) and if you hit reply I will always come back to you 😉  

If you just want to follow along I love to share my photography attempts and short personal stories over on Instagram, my favourite quotes and books on Twitter and mini testimonials + links to my blog posts over on my Facebook page. The long version of my story of becoming pregnant and giving birth in Asia is available in my first book attempt over on Amazon.

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