A Little About Me

Born in South Africa in 1985, I was one of the last to grow up without the internet. ENFP (if you like personality tests). I graduated as a Physiotherapist in 2008, but ended up teaching English in Asia, then volunteered at an NGO, and at the moment I’m a stay at home mommy – scribbling down stories during nap times.

We moved to Asia as newlyweds in in 2013. Five years later and we are still here, living in the middle of a small Buddhist community. My husband is an English teacher at the local high school, while I’m mastering the art of multi-tasking required for motherhood… a.k.a taking care of these cuties!

The Story Behind Reporter of Hope

I started my blog in 2013 with the hope of finding one more way to share the good news with the nations.

In reality it became a place where I could share my faith journey with my friends and family back home, as well as an opportunity to share my writing online.

I kept the name because it will always be my desire to share stories that encourage and inspire.

What to Expect from Upcoming Posts

I do not have a ten-step plan or a three point sermon when it comes to facing all the challenges life will throw at us. I simply believe if we took the time to honestly share our stories and experiences, we may help each other make sense of the difficulties we go through as we walk in the hope of what we cannot yet see.

As an added bonus we can learn to laugh at ourselves.

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