“A strong desire to travel.” It all starts with a simple idea involving a map, perhaps a fantasy of “seeing the world”, a Google search, and a passport application. Perhaps a dream of living overseas or working on a cruise ship is spun from reading travel blogs and magazines or photos of exotic or far-away places… Because the […]

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What I Have Learned from Travelling

There is something exciting about going to a new country… new people to meet and different places to go that can keep us looking forward to new sights and adventures, whether it may be white beaches and palm trees, snow-covered mountains and rivers, or unique foods, flavors, and aromas. There is a world full of […]

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For Those Who want to ‘See the World’

When to see the world gets a whole new meaning

If you have not… Slept on the floor of an orphanage in the heart of Africa after bathing with a single bucket of cold water drawn from the ground. Struggled to swallow a meal of beans and pumpkin leaves (or some other meagre local ingredients gathered from the fields) simply because you did not want to offend your […]

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