About 7 years ago, long before this blog (or life in Asia as I know it now) happened, I was driving along the coast of the Namibian desert on my way to work one morning. At the time I was still a newlywed and working as a Physiotherapist in an outpatient practice.
The road stretched out in front of me, dividing the ocean from the desert. The early morning sun danced in the waves.
My view looked like a picture on a postcard or  ‘Getaway’
magazine cover, but instead of taking in the moment, my thoughts were stuck on a page of the Rapport (a South African newspaper) I read the previous night.
I couldn't shake the story of a pastor who chose to forgive the murderers of his
brother and sister- in-law, who also happened to be his brother's children.
The story gripped my heart and won't let go. But it also stirred up hope.
I longed to understand how someone could be caught in the middle of such a tragedy and still choose forgiveness, grace, and love.
The only explanation was that he simply practiced what he preached. And to preach Jesus is to claim that no story is beyond redemption.

Sadly most papers are not filled with stories of hope.
Sensations sells and 'real' reporters chase stories that will make the headlines. (At least that's what I think real reporters do.)
When I started this blog two years later, from a Skyscraper in
the heart of Bangkok, I chose the name as a reminder of the kind of stories I
wanted to tell. Stories of faith, hope, love and redemption.
The story of the Good News that I believe is weaved through our lives like a golden thread. One that is very easy to miss if you’re not always on the lookout for it.
I had no idea how much I needed this perspective. To keep my eyes and ears open for stories of hope, even in the midst of ordinary days.
How it would give me a sense of permission to be curious and ask questions, take notes, make observations, and then attempt to order my thoughts in a way that would make sense to someone else before I hit ‘publish’.
I came to the conclusion that our testimonies are always the most powerful means of
sharing the hope we believe, but honesty is key.
If we're not willing to admit our struggles, we're not telling the full story of how victory can be found only in Jesus.
Why Reporter of Hope
Why Reporter of Hope (1)
Sharing our hope doesn’t mean we tie everything with a pretty little bow and call it good.
If I've learned anything, it's that it's okay to hold space for the tension, grief, the times everything doesn't feel okay and when we have no words.
It is necessary to acknowledge our pain, disappointments, regrets, fear, and shame in order to battle the resentment, jealousy, and bitterness that may grow out of it.
True hope meets us in the hard places when we come face to face with the reality of our situations and own sinful natures.
This hope never start sentences with “If this then…” or “One day when..”. True hope starts sentences with “Even if …” and “No matter what”.
I don't know what 2019 and the next five years will have in store. But I hope I will keep on remembering my 'why' as I keep growing on this faith journey.
I believe if something we write or create can be helpful or encouraging to only one person, it will always be worth it.
Love Dorette
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